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Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. You are required to read and understand them before signing any official documents regarding any special events, dj & lighting production, and/or marketing services.
Employee Conduct & Responsibilities
  • No Sales Representative has authorization to discuss any terms of the project/program/event scope and contractual signing/negotiation authorization.
  • Sales Representatives of SSE are responsible to ensure that potential clients completely read the Company Terms and Condition Policy. Sales Representative’s will ensure that all terms and conditions are understood by potential client. They will confirm that understanding with representative signature. Sales Representatives will also ensure that all potential clients understand the Contract Compliance Process, which will also be confirmed with both potential client and representative signature.
  • SSE employees will conduct themselves nothing less than professional. Any employee/client issues will be handled quickly & appropriately. We will provide our clients with highly skilled Planners, On-sight Managers, Technicians, and Marketing Managers to perform each project/program/event.
  • Client complaints are taken seriously. The Client Complaint Form must be emailed to We will respond to every email promptly and begin the process to resolve the issues identified.
  • Any physical damages resulting to or from any SSE employees from client and/or patrons will result in immediate disciplinary actions. We are here to protect the safety of our employees and the client’s patrons.
Contract Compliance Policy
  • Consultations are by appointment only.
  • Our availability terms require the potential client to submit a Client Information Sheet at least 30 days (minimum) days prior to project/program/event date. This gives us the opportunity to gather all the important information, settle the contract, gather the resources, plan, present the finalized plan to the client, and adjust the plan if needed. Clients must submit the form at 6 months prior if project/program/event take longer than 4 months to plan.
  • All pre-contractual discussions are general. We are only authorized to discuss general company service capabilities. We are not authorized to discuss/disclose any project/program/event related specifics until contract is finalized/signed. We will only provide project/program/event related information if its through the city/state RFP contractual process.
  • NDA is required in any initial project discussion between parties involved. Clients will not discuss any contractual information to anyone other than the authorized parties as per NDA.
  • SSE Events Group does not provide any vendor information. We only provide vendor costs of product and/or service.
  • Retainer agreement will be discuss and signed between parties. It is a percentage no greater than 5% of the total service cost. (This only depends on the length and enormity of the project/program/event. Only authorized by owner.)
  • Cancellations and/or Rescheduling (Date Changes) will result in either cash back/refund adjustments or additional service charges, which will be discussed in detail in that section.
  • All contracts and agreements will be clear and concise with what is expected from SSE. SSE will execute all tasks necessary to complete the event and/or project successful. All contracts and agreements will be signed and/or initialed by both parties authorized signee. All personal information will be treated as confidential; therefore, will not be disclosed to a third-party unless under legal conditions.
  • An Amendment Contract will be issued for signature if there are any changes made or additional services are requested. An updated invoice will be issued for signing. Special conditions will apply for day of changes.
Payment Policy
  • Once client agrees to the cost of services, client must pay 50% of the total cost. The balance can either be paid in full the day prior or day of. The balance can be split in two payments (25%/25% dates of payment will be discussed between parties) or can be paid as 50%. The total amount must be paid in full prior to the start time of our services. Client will receive a Paid In Full receipt with all contract details.
  • Our invoices will highlight our specific service costs as well as our vendor product and/or service costs. Every product and/or service provided will be in a line by line format with description and price. Note: We have to abide by our vendor’s payment policies; therefore, client may pay either in full or pay an initial deposit and pay the balance. We will inform every client of those payment policies.
  • There is a firm cancellation policy for any services. Cancellation of services will be subject to partial forfeiture of the SSE Events Group total costs, separate from vendor costs. As per administrative decision you will get an itemized refund.
  • Any discount offers can be used as many times for the period specified on the discount. Discounts will be allowed for use if all requirements are met. They must be attached to the contract so we can honor the discount and calculate the offer into the total cost.
Safety, Insurance & Damages Policies
  • Safety is the utmost of importance to us in any event and/or wedding and will be included to all planning documentation. Safety and all precautionary measures will be determined based on various health and welfare risks that may impact the project, program, and/or event. If there are any unexpected elements such as severe weather conditions, crowd disturbances, potential equipment damages etc on-sight the project manager, event manager, production manager, or safety manager are authorized to inform the client that the concerns may lead to temporary event postponement or complete shut-down of operations. That is only authorized by the Chief Safety Officer and/or the Chief Operations Officer. If the client refuses to comply with the assessment, the client will be responsible for all damages resulting out of their decision. It is important for us to go through this process so we ensure the safety of our employees and the clients’ guest and patrons. Any large event that has many structural elements (ie various lighting elements, large trussing, large staging, potential fire hazards, etc.) will require a Risk Management Form.
  • Company and/or Third-Party Vendor Insurance- SSE is insured; however, if the event is larger than the amount of insurance needed, we will contact our insurance agency and increase our insurance amount for the specific event. We also require that all third-party vendors must submit their insurance policy to us; therefore, all parties involved are protected. Any physical damages we create will be our responsibility. We will take the appropriate steps to cover any patron injury costs.
  • Venue and/or Equipment Damages- Any outdoor event can subject to any weather conditions; therefore, the client must provide suitable coverage to protect any equipment from potential damages. If client does not have suitable coverage, we will not proceed in setting up until there is one provided. We will not be financially penalized if client does not abide by that understanding. If any part of the venue and/or equipment is damaged or stolen and or damaged by the client and/or patrons will be written on the Facilities/Equipment Damage Report Form. We will take the appropriate steps to ensure that those damage costs are paid.
Privacy Policy & Cookies Policy
NOTE: Any Terms and Conditions other than what is written above will be highlighted within the contract. It will be based on the elements of the services provided.